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The Catholic Inquisition is Pretty Scary

Why do I like to do this kind of thing? Torture, death, dismemberment? Because it is there, waiting for me too!

Due to something called The European Inquisition. It was so God-awful, they even got to interrogate and maybe hang Hitler. He wrote homosexual them a Love Letter, and they probably let him go after all. They sexually tortured people to death, destroyed lives and intimidated the world, for power reasons. Gee, wouldn't you like to f--k your mother...they did. For you see, your Mother had better be Immaculately Racially Pure, or else.

This place is the ruins of a Spanish Cathedral in the Philippines that was dedicated to the Spanish Inquisition. It was rebuilt and refurbished over many years. Nowadays, there is a plaque out front naming some of its victims. There is a looming, dynamic statue of Screaming Jesus out back, who says "You killed me!" to everyone who walks past it. It's painted red, black and white. The current Church there baptizes children so they can go to the local Catholic schools. In the front of the building. Back in the rear entrance (the Black people "place to go,") helpers and lower-class brownies enter the building, to stand around and worship a strange, male-looking big-nosed statue...consisting of several cut up and sewn back together, treated with formaldehyde, short little Philippines. Maybe they are all mentioned on the plaque out front...I doubt it. The Cathedral was built around the year 1600 AD.

No, not all of them. They led me to the front of the church, where I had to contemplate becoming part of that statue. It stands there forever smiling, going, "I like it, I like it!!!" and pointing away from the audience over to its right and to our left. I never did go explore the part of the Church it was pointing toward, such as Door Number One, Door Number Two or Door Number Three; I was afraid of becoming Part of the Problem and not Part of the Solution. So, I left the building. Before I made any such "choices."

It's in Makati City, Luzon, an island of the Philippines, near Manila, and NOBODY has taken a picture of Screaming Jesus yet. I google imaged it, and it did NOT turn up. People are scared to photograph the thing, or just nobody has taken a selfie of it yet. Well, I was there, but I forgot my camera, sheesh! By the way, Islam and the Moslems or Muslims or whoever started the Inquisition, not the Catholic Church. So what.

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A shot of the plaque at the front of Our Lady of Death (I mean, our New Lady of Grace - Nuestra Senora De Gracia Perish (I mean, Parish) - what a ruckus. The plaque is on the far right, in the lower right hand corner of the morbid picture below.